Prior to becoming a musician, Tessa was an accomplished journalist whose work appeared in Elle, Vogue, the GuardianIndependent, Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, South China Morning Post, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Salon, and more. She specialized in identifying intriguing, off-beat social trends, including cuddle parties, life coaches (she wrote the first article on coaches to appear in the British press, for the Times, in 1997), and embryo adoption.  Other topics include transgender issues, personal memoirs, teenage parenthood, aliens in Nevada, health and style. In addition, she has profiled many celebrities, including Mario Van Peebles, Jon Bon Jovi, Terence Conran, the Baldwin brothers, and Spencer Tunick. Nowadays, she writes infrequently and only by invitation – most recently a feature on French movie icon Isabelle Adjani for the Sydney Morning Herald – except for her regular AllAboutJazz column, ‘Out and About: The Super Fans,’ which she co-writes with singer Andrea Wolper. Read it here.

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Isabelle Adjani on a radical reworking of cult movie Opening Night Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum Magazine – In her latest role, Isabelle Adjani portrays an actor who is tormented by her lost youth – which couldn’t be further from her true self

Super Mario Elle Magazine – Young, gifted and gorgeous, Mario Van Peebles is a cowboy with a cause. The actor/director gets on his high horse with Tessa Souter.

Manic Streak Preacher The Saturday Times Magazine – Andy Behrman claims to have left behind the rollercoaster life of a manic depressive that he documents in his book. But when Tessa Souter met the former art dealer, forger and go-go boy, he still seemed electrically charged.

Have a Nice Death Australian HQ Magazine – She brought ease to the terminally ill and aid to their grieving loved ones. But when Elisabeth Kubler-Ross started seeing “spooks” and weighing into the afterlife debate, some said the guru had gone plumb loco. So, had she?

Naked City  HQ Magazine – Crowds of New Yorkers gladly get up early to be photographed lying in the street in the nude. It’s art, explains shutterbug Spencer Tunick. But the NYPD begs to differ.

Girls Own Story HQ Magazine – The amazing true tale of a woman who lived as a man (and died for it) was tailor-made for tough-cookie film producer Christine Vachon.

Anne and Katie Roiphe The Saturday Times Magazine – Most mothers and daughters have their differences: but what happens when one is a radical 1970s feminist and the other writes about why men should pay for dinner?


A Word in Your Ear The Times – She’s mother, friend, therapist all in one, and she charges by the hour. Tessa Souter on the rise of the life coach.

Klaatu barada nikto!  HQ Magazine – Greetings Earthlings! Way out in the Nevada desert, the top-secret military base known as Area 51 is proving an irresistible magnet to strange visitors from other planets (and to even stranger ones from planet Earth).

The Comfort of Strangers The Times – Give me a hug: Can cuddle parties cure the loneliness epidemic?

Girls Will Be Boys  Elle Magazine – Even at the age of five Krissie didn’t feel happy in a tutu. Now she wears suits and ties, she’s called Kevin and she’s a man.

License to Kill  Elle Magazine – It’s legal and widely advertised … it’s one of the government’s biggest money-spinners. And it kills 300 people a day. Tessa Souter investigates the politics of smoking.

Growing Older Gracefully Good Housekeeping Magazine – You can’t stop the clock, so find your look and just relax.

Health report: Youth Juice?  Vogue Magazine – In the United States melatonin has been hailed as an anti-aging miracle drug, and sales are soaring. In Britain it has been removed from over-the-counter sales. What’s all the fuss about?

Rules of the Hunt Metro – Dating in NYC is an exercise in primitive psychology

Date Expectations Guardian newspaper – Tessa Souter reflects on the tricky business of boy-meets-girl in the modern world


The Jeweler to Know New York Observer – Jacques Jarrige’s simple metallic shapes define spring’s hottest trend.

View from Nob Hill House Beautiful Magazine – Tranquility, texture and treasured antiques treated with casual affection: These are the keys to Jeffrey Weisman’s new rooms.

Moss’ Landing  House Beautiful Magazine – When Murray Moss wanted to expand his SoHo store, annexing the upstairs space would have been the logical move – if it weren’t for the neighbors. So he added four virtual floors.

Numbers Game  House Beautiful Magazine – Cary Nowell’s playful ceramics add up to another success for the enterprising designer.

Shopping Shake-Up House Beautiful Magazine – San Francisco’s Hayes Valley arose phoenix-like after the 1989 earthquake. Now it’s an enclave of hip design stores.

Talking Shop with Larry Maloney House Beautiful Magazine – Part store, part shrine to California designer John Dickinson, a San Francisco gallery is as informative as it is stylish.

Playing Pool Elle Decoration Magazine – For architect Josh Schweitzer and chef Mary Sue Milliken, home is a converted swimming school. It took ten  years but now life is one long pool party.


Major Sax Appeal New York Times – On Mondays, the joint is jumping. Guess where.

New York’s Got its Mojo Back Guardian – From Blue Note to Woody Allen, jazz was the soundtrack of New York. It went quiet for a while, but the joints are jumping again.

Six of the Best … Jazz clubs in New York South China Morning Post – You might be forgiven for thinking Birdland and the Blue Note are the only jazz clubs in New York. A New York-based jazz musician bangs a drum for a set of equally authentic venues.

Hotel de Love HQ Magazine – It once belonged to the world’s most celebrated couple. Now Casa Kimberley, the hideaway where Taylor and Burton fought and loved, is open to new romantics.