“Souter, whose musical sophistication gives her a significant advantage in the competitive clamor surrounding the current world of ambitious female jazz artists, also has a rare quality of authenticity.” Don Hekcman, Los Angeles Times (Catalina Bar and Grill)

“Delivered a set that showed how much beauty, truth, and honest self-expression remain with us.” Victor L Schemer, ALLABOUTJAZZ (Soapbox Gallery)

The ethereal vocalist, a hit at previous festivals, is a truly original and artful stylist. The one show not to miss, and best overall.” Jack Garner, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Jack Garner (Rochester Jazz festival)

“Daring, beautiful jazz,” Bill Leikam, AllAboutJazz (Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society)

“A memorable and unique singer.” Joyce Glasgow, Seattle Gay News (Earshot Jazz Festival)

“The highlight, in an evening of highlights, – the merging of Ornette Coleman’s Lonely Woman with the Beatles Eleanor Rigby.” Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here (Cherry Tree, Newcastle)

“There may not be another singer who can carry the long arc of a melody with quite Tessa Souter‘s concentration, evenness and control. (Try The Peacocks from her debut album)” Chris Parker, London Jazz News (Pizza Express)

“It’s one thing to hear a superb set from a known giant like Randy Brecker. it’s a different, particularly exhilarating feeling to witness a great performance by a relatively unknown singer like Tessa Souter. Judging from the ovations she received [on] Saturday night, the entire audience felt the same way” Ron Netsky, Rochester City Paper  (Rochester Jazz festival)


Souter, with gorgeous, often breathtaking vocalizing and deeply moving songwriting, ranks in the uppermost echelon of contemporary artists.” Paul Freeman, PopCultureClassics (Picture in Back and White)

“It is impossible not to be transfixed by the inventiveness and potency of Souter’s artistry.” Peter Quinn, Jazzwise (Picture in Black and White)

Picture in Black and White explores the tangled roots of her biracial heritage. It’s the sound of an artist doing things her own way.” John Payne, LA Weekly

“Exploring her mixed heritage, the expat with a penchant for Wayne Shorter raises songs to the level of poetry.” Clive Davis, TOP TEN JAZZ RECORD OF THE YEAR, London Sunday Times magazine (Picture in Black and White)

“A singer and composer blessed with wide-ranging vocals and a post-bop sensibility, through which she filters sounds from West Africa, South America, the Caribbean and Andalusian Spain.”  JAZZ ALBUM OF THE WEEK, Jane Cornwell, London Evening Standard 

“The truth may not set you free, but it can create beautiful, tragic magic.” BEST VOCAL DISC OF 2018Jay Hunter. WVCR 88.8 FM 

“Rarely do vocal CDs leave such a strong impact after a single hearing. This is an easy choice for the top vocal jazz CD of 2018.” Ken Dryden, New York Jazz Record  BEST VOCAL DISC OF 2018

“Her instrument is magnificent; lustrous, precise and feather-light. Her musicianship is fierce as she digs into the expression of each word, brings ceaseless variety to soft dynamics and gives every phrase a special grace. ” Raul da Gama, JazzdaGama 

“A remarkable journey to the interior of the human heart.” Victor L. Schermer, AllAboutJazz   

“She has distinguished herself a jazz pioneer exploring the nether corners of the genre, often smashing preconceptions and expectations on recordings . . .  one of the most inventive musicians singing. Bravo!” Michael C. Bailey, AllAboutJazz

“Assembles themes by Brahms, Schubert, Beethoven et al, affixing her own poetic but ungushing lyrics, delivered in a luscious timbre … Shimmers in the dark.” Clive Davis, TOP TEN JAZZ RECORD OF THE YEAR, London Sunday Times magazine Beyond the Blue)

“A first rate mix of the best of elements of jazz and classical music.” Jim Wilke, NPR After Hours

“Tessa Souter is one of the most innovative vocal talents on the scene today.” Brent Black, Ciritical Jazz

Her instrument is one that makes lyrics come alive, … she makes us see and hear myriad possibilities of interpretation which is, most assuredly, the essence of creative music.Richard Kamins, Step Tempest

“An uncommonly creative vocalist and songwriter.” Andrew Gilbert, San Francisco Chronicle

“There’s something raw and real about hearing Tessa Souter sing.” John Payne, LA Weekly

“She leaves her audiences feeling as though they’ve just experienced something very special.” Kirk Silsbee, Los Angles Times

“An astute and expressive jazz singer” Nate Chinen, New York Times, Critics Pick (Beyond the Blue)

“Broadly imaginative.” Ben Ratliff, New York Times

“The beauty of this project lies in the synergy of melodies, lyrics and Souter’s consummate musicality, carried by her clarion, gently burnished timbre.” Neil Tesser, Chicago Examiner (Beyond the Blue)

Scintillating … haunting … poetic.” Siddhartha Mitter, Boston Globe (Beyond the Blue)

“Magnificently… stunningly original.” Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times (Beyond the Blue)

“A singer of lesser skills could not have dreamed of making this work, but Souter … might well be the ideal voice for this project.” George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon, (Beyond the Blue)

“The words are really fresh. It adds an enormous amount to the beautiful melodies. It brings them alive on another level and … I think that is what’s exciting about the album. And I don’t get excited about things a lot.” Jill Pasternak, WRTI Radio (Beyond the Blue)

“Striking, soulful, enchanting.” Mike Joyce, Washington Post (Obsession)

“The best thing is that Souter sounds different…. Expressive … full of passion … while Love Theme from Spartacus … reminds me that there really is a love song buried in there.” Karl Stark, Philadelphia Inquirer (Obsession)

“Souter’s crystalline contralto and impeccable phrasing are mighty arrows in her quiver, but it is her ability to become one with a song, finding its intrinsic core and allowing its sentiments to grow organically, that enables her to score successive bull’s eyes.” Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times (Obsession)

“At once unassumingly virtuosic and uncontrivedly emotional, the Souter voice is simply one of the most attractive sounds in contemporary vocal jazz.” Chris Parker, Vortex Jazz (Obsession)

“Compelling and utterly original… skip-proof.” Peter Quinn, Jazzwise (Obsession)

“Obsession… has so many indelible moments … …fearless song choices … a very intimate sound, where Souter’s clear contralto and its marvelous tone rings through in all its glory.” Jay Miller, Patriot Leger (Obsession)

“Her rendition [of Eleanor Rigby] ranks up there with the Beatles’ original and the classic one by Ray Charles.” Barry Bassis, Town and Village (Obsession)

“A gripping display of her ability to do it all … the work of an artist with the talent and the imagination to match her compelling musical visions.” Don Heckman, IROM (Obsession)

“Souter knows how to get inside a song.” Joel Roberts, ALLABOUTJAZZ (Obsession)

“To understand that you are in front of a refined and complex artist just listen to the tense and languid cover of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ that opens this amazing Obsession.” ITALIAN ALLABOUTJAZZ (Obsession)

“An outstanding singer with a captivating voice.” Keichi Baba, Swing Journal, Gold Disc Award (Nights of Key Largo)

“One of the most natural voices in jazz today.” Ralph Miriello, Notes on Jazz (Nights of Key Largo)

“One of jazz’s most highly acclaimed vocalists. Ordinary listeners and critics alike have raved about her lovely voice, her tasteful phrasing, her agile technique, and perhaps most important, her ability to convey the emotional meaning of a song.” David Franklin, Cadence (Nights of Key Largo)

“She’s one of the few vocalists around today who knows how to distill a standard, pop tune or rock ballad into a tasteful jazz rendition.” Marc Myers, JazzWax (Nights of Key Largo)

“A crystal-clear voice with diamond-cut phrasing and a slight tinge of melancholy. She’s a gem.” Michael Harrington, Philadelphia Inquirer (Listen Love)

“The words seem to come from her soul.” Donald Elfman, New York Jazz Record (Listen Love)

“Not many vocalists can sing Jimmy Rowles’ The Peacocks with the beauty and effortless grace of Tessa Souter.” Scott Yannow, LA Jazz Scene (Listen Love)

“So assured, so comfortable, so in command … you put on and immediately think, ‘wow!’ and know you can settle back and be bathed in a simply beautiful voice possessed by someone who has learned how to use it.” Rob Lester, TalkinBroadway.com (Listen Love)