Through her journalism, which appeared in the New York Times, London Times, Elle, Independent on Sunday, Vogue, the Daily Telegraph and more, Tessa specialized in identifying intriguing, off-beat social trends, including cuddle parties (the Comfort of Strangers), life coaches (she wrote the first article to appear in the British press about life coaches, for the Times in 1997), and embryo adoption.  Other topics covered include transgender issues, personal memoirs, teenage parenthood, aliens in Nevada, health and style. In addition, she wrote various interviews/profiles of celebrities such as Billy Crudup, Mario Van Peebles, Jon Bon Jovi, the Baldwin brothers, Spencer Tunick and others.  Read online PDFs of some of her writings here. She also wrote the Vox News column for New York Jazz Record for three years, and since June 2016 has co-authored a monthly column for AllAboutJazz on Super Fans. Read here.